Dearest my man…



This day 31 years ago, a man who named given by his parents Ahmad Zaki Anshori was born. I knew his in my first office in 2005, he was not my partner in job but I just know that he was a very very fresh graduate from college so did I.

Six months that he was resign from our office to continued his studied and ok, we dont do contact anymore. Till the day we chat on sms. He is very talk active person like me. He told me about his big family and honestly I really interested with his big family. I adore his parents how manage their children nicely.

Than we become a chat friends since he resign from our office. In January 2006 we firstly dated hahahahhaha. Yeah it was my birthday n he gave me a piggy pillow n Bunga Citra Lestari album the tittle was Sany. Hahahahha. The funniest is Sany was a boy and he was my dream idol since I was in Junior High School. I dont understand why was you give me that album. Hahahaha… but thanks.

Since that moments we become closer n closer. He still studied n worked at the same time, so did I. I become a student in the morning n a worker in the night. The other way he become a worker in the morning and being a student in the night. Maybe we have so many similarity that makes our conversations so meaningful. Yes we are tired very much so we met rarely. Not once in a week, sometimes once in a month.

We have no much money so we just go to book fair just for seeing around, or Bogor botanical garden, movie theatre or dinner on the street. In Bogor he said that he want make a serious relationship on us. I just quite n didnt know what I have to say. U than I said, oke lets try. Hahahaha. Okey… lets try make a serious relationship. For sure it was first time for me. ^_^

In January 2010 he was purposed me, “ lets go married..” n than I just speeachless. But okey, on that year he was graduate for his bachelor degree and finally I passed for became an government official. I was shocked, at the time I have no much money, n my parents not a rich. Then he convinced me and my parents, that we didnt need a big party, just a sacred moment.

At the time he just got a new job n the salary was for a fresh graduate worker, than on 6th of June 2010 he became my truly soulmate that Allah gave to me. Since that we grow together become husband and wife. Thanks to Allah gave him to me. I grew in a fighter family meet him that grew in lovely n warm family. I was a temperamental and he came like being a fresh water that will splash on me. Hahahaahha…

He have a lot of stocks of patient that I have no. Hahahahha…

Until today, we still become a learner. Learning to become a great husband and wife, mother and father wannabe, loyal children for our parents, great uncle n aunty for our nieces n nephew, great big brother n sister for our lil sis n lil bro, great persons in our society n being loved by Allah swt.

Dearest husband, happy birthday, my man, my future daddy for my children, my best friend, my partner in crime, my big brother, my spiritual advicer, n sometime being my big baby boy too. I love u with all of my hearts n please… still being my partners for more a hundred years to go. Hopely Allah love you more, give your n our wishes immediately. Believe to Allah that we have still along journey go trough. Please keep holdingon my hands… n walking beside me till we old.

Please take care of your health, do sport regularly, try to wake up in the morning, eat healthy food, read a good book, n being care with others n dont forget to tahajud in the night. Do the conversation with Allah for all af your problems n dont forget to be grateful every second in your life. Yeah I feel grateful to have you. Feeling blessed being your wife… Love you more n more….

The one who always fallin in love day after day with you

Wahyu eka arini


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